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Attorney Thomas M. Fleming attended the University of California at Berkeley, and graduated with two undergraduate degrees (A.B., Sociology and A.B., Ethnic Studies).  While attending U.C. Berkeley, Thomas was a serious student scholar but also was a student activist who fought for equal rights and justice for all.  He focused on ensuring equal rights and justice particularly for those facing some form of crisis, hardship or disadvantage in their lives. While at U.C. Berkeley, Thomas was ultimately invited into the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society.  Phi Beta Kappa honors are only awarded for those with the highest academic excellence combined with a demonstrated commitment to morality and a proven record of ethical behavior.


Infractions are defined as crimes (usually traffic tickets) which carry only a fine as possible punishment.

You want an excellent lawyer to defend you against the DUI charge both in court and at the DMV hearing.

I specialize in domestic violence cases.  I’ve developed an expertise in domestic violence cases over two decades.

It is important to have your attorney request such a DMV hearing within ten (10) calendar days.

I have defended against drug charges for over two decades. I have handled every type of drug case, involving possession or

There may be a way to reduce, dismiss or seal your record of simply an arrest, being charged and/or a conviction.

I have handled many of these cases. You may think this is the end of everything — but many of these cases may involve some type of entrapment by law enforcement.

If you are charged with some form of theft or fraud offense, our first goal will be to get the charge dismissed.

I was one of the founders of juvenile Drug Court, and served children charged with crimes for years when i worked as trial counsel for the Public Defender’s Office.

Charges of sexual improprieties can destroy lives, lead to long periods or even a life of imprisonment.

An allegation of a probation violation exposes the client to potentially greater punishment in jail than for the original

If you are charged with a violent crime, such as assault, robbery, threats, or murder, I can help you.

Arrested for DUI?


Being stopped and arrested for a DUI can feel like a bad dream. If you are reading this, you will begin to figure out that the DUI stop and investigation are largely scripted encounters for the purpose of gathering incriminating information to use against you in court and at theDMV hearing.  Studies have shown that many sober people in similar circumstances would also fail many of the tests given. Before you know it, the officer is handcuffing you and hauling you off to the police station.  This is a confusing and frightening time.  You may never have experience being arrested and spending time in a jail. You’re not sure when you will be released, who you should call or what exactly you’re supposed to do. You may have questions about whether officers accurately recorded your statements or your performance on the field sobriety tests.  You may or may not have been told the exact results of a breath test.  If you took a blood test, you certainly won’t know for some time the result of this test. You don’t know what the future holds. READ MORE

MIAMI - DECEMBER 15:  Trooper, David Casillas, (C) from the Florida Highway Patrol conducts a field sobriety test at a DUI checkpoint December 15, 2006 in Miami, Florida. The city of Miami, with the help of other police departments, will be conducting saturation patrols and setting up checkpoints during the holiday period looking to apprehend drivers for impaired driving and other traffic violations.  (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)


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Is there a videotape of the incident at which you were arrested? Many people do not realize that many police officers keep a video recording of DUI and other incidents.  One of the main recording devices used is called the  MVARS. MVARS is an acronym for Mobile Video/Audio Recording Systems. These videos can be used to prove that you are actually innocent (or at least that there is a reasonable doubt) about the charges. We must retrieve these videos to prove your innocence.  I can make a “discovery” demand and retrieve these videos if they exist.  They will be an important part of our defense. The CHP all have these devices in their vehicles.  MVARS can be the difference to prove what actually occurred and to show that you’re actually not guilty. Something may be wrong with the prosecution case if the officers did not have their MVARS active at the time of the arrest. READ MORE

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